Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012- Backboard Dodgeball

Backboard dodgeball is a pretty simple dodgeball game.  Students are divided into two teams.  The teams each stand on their half of the gym.  Use the half court line of the basketball court to divide the teams.  Once a student is hit with a thrown dodgeball, they must stand on one side of the gym.  The only way to get back in is when a teammate throws a dodgeball and hits the backboard on the opposite side of the gym.  The game is won in two ways: 1. eliminating everyone on the other team or 2. making a basket in the opposing team's hoop.  When a team wins, just start another game.  Sometimes a Mercy Rule must be called if there is one student remaining that doesn't appear willing to try very hard to win the game. 

AGES: 3rd grade and up

MODIFICATIONS: if students are sitting out too long, make a rule that if the person that got them out gets out, they get to come back in.  EX: player X is hit by player Y.  Player Z gets player Y out, so player X gets to come back in the game.  Add a money ball- only baskets made with the money ball can win the game.  For younger students add more backboards, or even play BackWALL Dodgeball where if they hit the back wall on the fly everyone comes back in. 

EQUIPMENT: dodgeballs, basketball hoops, money ball (different ball than dodgeball- I use one of those nerf soccer balls)

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